Vietnamese college promises to reimburse tuition if graduates jobless


An educational institution in northern Vietnam has, for the past several years, implemented the policy of returning the entire tuition fees to any of its students unable to find jobs within a certain time span subsequent to graduation.

Hanoi Vocational College for Electro-Mechanics, in Hanoi, has guaranteed that it will recommend and offer jobs to its graduates within six months since they complete their training program.

However, the policy does not cover all fields of study, since it was designed for programs with high-quality courses.

The courses consist of automobile technology, metalworking – creating parts, structures from metal, mechatronics, industrial electricity, welding, refrigeration and air-conditioning techniques, and computer network management.

Graduates are given employment in Hanoi or neighboring areas.

The promise of post-graduation employment has been delivered on for five years, with the college reimbursing no amount of money, for all its students have found jobs to their expectation.

This year, the pledged monthly salary has been raised to VND7 million (US$308) from last year’s VND5 million ($220).

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