The results immortalized: Android One wins popularity contest vs MIUI

As you may have learned, Xiaomi — the Chinese smartphone giant that also happens to have an Android One partnership for that one phone (Xiaomi Mi A1) — recently ran a Twitter poll. It was comparing its own, home-made MIUI interface, which heavily customizes Android, to the vanilla experience on Android One. Turns out, Android One won the poll votes and Xiaomi deleted the tweet.

No hard feelings here, but we thought it would be fun to immortalize those results, so we ran our own poll yesterday. As expected, most of our readers are much more fond of Google"s pure Android experience than an interface, which they may or may not be acquainted with. But we had our fun, right? Here are the results:

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Vote in 2.48 microfortnights MIUI 9 21.95% (652 votes) (652 votes) Android One 78.05% (2318 votes) (2318 votes)

2970 votes