July 20: VN-Index loses ground

July 20: VN-Index loses ground

Source: TVSI

Heavy afternoon selling drags Index downwards.

by My Van

Afternoon trade was quite dramatic on July 20, with the focus on the VFMVN30 ETF portfolio. Early on in the session the market saw aggressive selling and the VN-Index at one stage had lost more than 12 points despite recoveries in regional markets.

The market then gradually recovered after 1.30pm and the VN-Index had lost just two points before entering the ATO session. Banking and securities stocks led the recovery.

SAB and VJC saw strong selling at the last minute, with SAB hitting its floor and dragging the VN-Index down 10.58 points (1.12 per cent) to 933.39 points at the close, despite banking stocks such as ACB, BID, CTG, MBB and VPB and securities stocks such as HCM, SSI, VND, SHS and MBS seeing remarkable recoveries.

The sharp fall in SAB and VJC brought the VN30-Index down to 926.5 points, with investors not responding quickly.

VFMVN30 ETF shares were net bought. While PNJ gained, VPB and VRE declined. Market liquidity continued to improve, with a matching order value of nearly VND5 billion ($216,245).

On HSX, foreigners again net sold, by 1.57 million shares worth VND208.28 billion ($8.9 million).

MSN was the largest net-bought share, by VND31.77 billion ($1.37 million), followed by VCB (VND22.62 billion ($978,340)), VNM VND22.11 billion ($956,280), SSI VND10.52 billion ($454,580), and VRE VND9.71 billion ($420,175).

Foreigners were also net buyers on HNX, by 326,000 shares worth VND8.14 billion ($352,090).

VGC and SHS were the two biggest net-bought stocks, with VND10.91 billion ($471,900) and VND4.39 billion ($189,890), respectively. As the close they had gained 2.9 per cent and 4.3 per cent, respectively

On UPCoM, foreigners were net sellers of 7.18 million shares worth VND142.18 billion ($6.1 million).

POW was net bought by VND6.91 billion ($298,725) and closed up 1.6 per cent. Net selling pressure was mainly in IDC.

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