TH true MILK making a splash in the international market

The 40th edition of the prestigious annual Food and Hotel Asia exhibition and fair has attracted the participation of many big retailers and supermarket chains from around the world. The fair featured the biggest names and participation in itself was an accolade as enterprises must meet stringent conditions with their showcased products meeting international standards.

TH Group, with its TH true MILK-branded products, has met all conditions to participate at the event.

Why TH true MILK?

th true milk making a splash in the international market
TH Group’s booth showcased its highest quality products

This was the first time that TH Group has participated in this fair, with its milk products astonishing international visitors with their natural ingredients produced by the group itself right in Vietnam. The showcased products include TH true MILK, TH true Herbal, and TH true NUT.

TH true NUT is the first product of its kind in Vietnam and is produced from nuts of macadamia, date, and walnut—all of which have very high nutritional value—and fresh milk directly produced at TH Group’s dairy farm in the central province of Nghe An.

These products can provide energy due to their high protein and lipid content without increasing blood pressure, a particularly good fit for consumers suffering from diabetes.

th true milk making a splash in the international market
Importers taste TH Group’s yoghurt products

The group’s durian-based yoghurt product also draws great attention from visitors. This is because durian is becoming increasingly trendy, garnering great attention from online distributors around the world. This product has demonstrated TH Group’s creativity.

TH Group has attracted attention from special partners, including exporting and importing firms, distributors, and retailers in Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, China, and Hong Kong.

Taking on big markets with high standards

th true milk making a splash in the international market
All TH-branded products satisfy international standards
th true milk making a splash in the international market

TH Group’s founder Thai Huong said, “In order to expand markets in Asia, we produce key products, such as fresh milk and organic products. In addition, we also have herbal drinks which are produced from herbs that we produce ourselves. We also have nut-based milks the premium ingredients of which are imported from many nations in the world.”

In order to be marketed in Singapore, all firms need to register the designs, origins, and standards of their products registered. Notably, the products’ packaging must display information in line with those registered for the products.

TH Group has won great confidence from the most demanding customers with its strict compliance with international standards, its large-scale production in which state-of-the-art technologies are used to raise dairy cows and process milk.

With the markets of Indonesia and Malaysia, many importers are interested in the Halal certification, which is necessary to export to Muslim countries. Venda Sim, marketing director of Indonesian distributor DIMA, said that he finds TH true MILK products satisfy all strict standards in quality, packaging, production and processing for the Halal certification. He wants to import the products as soon as possible.

It can be said that all TH products have encountered no obstructions when they were introduced in big markets. As it satisfies even the strictest standards, TH Group can take pride in its products that can serve Vietnamese and foreign customers.