Stunning light shows to add excitement to Danang fireworks festival

Spectacular light shows will bring extra excitement to the Danang International Fireworks Festival (DIFF) 2018 and transform the Danang skyline into an outdoor audiovisual feast.

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To make sure spectators will be treated to a breathtaking light spectacle, the 2,000-square-meter main stage of DIFF 2018 features advanced lighting technologies in the world.

The symmetric arches of the stage show the shape of the Dragon Bridge, and the symbol of a modern and integrated Danang, and represent a connection between the cultures and histories of eight countries taking part in the fireworks festival.

The center of the stage will have three levels, allowing it to highlight the cultures and histories of the participating countries and honor the winners.

The stage has a seating capacity of nearly 17,000 people, and large LED screens to ensure all spectators can enjoy the fireworks displays.

The light shows will be followed by explosive music performances by leading Vietnamese artists, and artistic performances will be directed by Do Thanh Hai.

Themed “The Legends of Bridges,” DIFF 2018 will take place along the banks of the Han River from April 29 to June 30.

According to Dang Minh Truong, CEO of Sun Group, the organizer of DIFF, the festival will also feature cultural events, exhibitions, night markets, fashion shows, flower boat parades and other side events.